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The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) was established in 1959 and its primary function is to promote and advance the science and profession of engineering in any or all of its disciplines and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to engineering.


The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia aims to be the premier professional Organisation pivotal achieving Vision 2020.


IEM shall

  • promote sound professional engineering practice in support of the socio-economic development objectives of the nation.

  • service the needs and interests of its members and the public and uphold the social standing image of the engineering profession.

  • contribute towards nation building and shall strive to enhance society's consciousness of science an technology.



The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia Young Engineers Section has its own organization committees who are nominated and elected to their positions through annual election. The committee board consists of Chairman, Two (2) Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary/Treasurer and Six (6) Ordinary Committees. Each of the ordinary committees are handling different portfolios which are professional development, graduate affairs, student affairs, publicity, external affairs and lastly social and community services. Besides that, Co-opted Members will be nominated and appointed to assist the ordinary committee boards in running the entire organization.





News & Updates

Graduate & Student Section (Young Engineers Section)


To all Graduate & Student Members,

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia                                                                                                                                                       14th May 2018


Nominations for Election to Fill Vacancies for Session 2018/2019

The Committee for session 2017/2018 of the Graduate & Student Section (Young Engineers Section) will end its term of office on 30th June 2018. An Annual General Meeting will be held in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Section to elect new Committees.


According to Bylaw 9, the election of the Chairman shall be conducted by Committee Members in a meeting held before the Annual General Meeting. He/she shall be elected from amongst members of past or present committees.  Thus, we wish to announce that during the 624th Committee Meeting of the Graduate & Student Section held on 7th March 2018, Mr. Yew Weng Kean Grad.IEM (currently Vice Chairman for Session 2017/2018) was unanimously elected to the post of Chairman for session 2018/2019.


Nominations to fill the following vacancies are open to all Graduate & Student Members:-


                             Posts                                        No. of  Vacancies                     Terms of Office

          Vice Chairman                                                               1                               2018/2019, 2019/2020

Hon Secretary/ Treasurer                                              1                                        2018/2019

          Ordinary Committee Member                                        3                              2018/2019 , 2019/2020


                                                                               Vacancies for Session 2018/2019

Post                                                              Present Holders                        No. of Vacancies                              Remarks

Vice Chairman                            Mr. Yew Weng Kean Grad.IEM (G35591)             1               Elected to the post of Chairman for session 2018/2019

Honorary Secretary/Treasurer    Mr. Koh Yang Mun Grad.IEM (G51574)                1               Eligible for re-election to the same post

Ordinary Committee Members   Ms. Ong Zhen Ling Grad.IEM (G80705)               3               Retire but eligible for re-election to the same post

                                                   Mr. Tay Eng Chong Grad.IEM (G78416)                                Retire but eligible for re-election to the same post

                                                   Mr. Kenny Chia Grad.IEM (G50949)                                      Retire but eligible for re-election to the same post

Each Graduate or Student member can nominate and/or second not more than two (2) candidates and such nominations in writing must be submitted together with the written consent of the person so nominated. Nomination forms are available for downloading from our Graduate and Student Section’s website, https://iemyoungengineerss.wixsite.com/iemyes ; or IEM website, www.myiem.org.my or a copy can be obtained from the IEM headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


This Nomination Form together with the Passport side photograph and bio-data in respect of the candidate(s) nominated shall be submitted in the envelope marked "Confidential YES Nomination Paper" and sent to The Hon. Secretary/Treasurer, IEM G&S Section, Lots 60 & 62, Jalan 52/4, P.O. Box 223 (Jalan Sultan), 46720 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan to reach him not later than Thursday, 31st May 2018, at 3.00 pm.


Ir. Lee Cheng Pay

Election Officer

Graduate and Student Section, IEM

Session 2017/2018

In a District Cooling System (DCS) cooling energy (usually in the form of chilled water) is produced at a central generation plant and is delivered to end-users via a network of distribution piping for the purpose of space or process cooling.

The DCS can be in the form of a public utility or user owned. The end-users of a DCS enjoy many benefits including economy of scale, reduced capital investment, lower operation and maintenance cost and lower electricity bill. 

Ever since the development of the first district cooling system in the USA in 1880’s, the concept has come a long way and in the past decade has seen tremendous growth worldwide.

This half-day seminar discusses the design principles for an efficient and reliable district cooling system. It covers the various equipment/technology available for a DCS system and the key design issues crucial to the success of a DCS.

Cogeneration systems combine power generation technology with waste heat recovery for the simultaneous generation of electrical power and thermal energy. The cogeneration process results in higher primary fuel efficiency compared to separate generation of power and thermal energy, and is recognized as a smart solution for decarbonizing the energy sector by reducing the carbon intensity of heat and power generation.


This half-day seminar discusses the various concepts available for implementation of an efficient and reliable cogeneration plant with particular emphasis on gas fired cogeneration systems. It covers the various equipment/technology available and includes several case studies of successful cogeneration projects in the region.

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call 03-7968 4001 or fill up the following form.


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